Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Old Argument

Let’s face it. There are a hundred different opinions on the video game war.
Some people think video games encourage violence in youth, and others say that there is no effect on children.

You know, to me that’s a debate for parents with children. I played video games growing up, and played some violent ones as well, and I turned out ok. I’m not about to go grab a machine gun and try and rob a bank. I’m not an addict with no concept of reality or social skills. I enjoy the occasional game, and I love just playing and getting out of reality for a while.

Experts think that one of the reasons why delayed adolescence is a growing trend is because of things like the media and videogames. I can see where they are coming from. Some of these games like the Final Fantasy series and the Metal Gear Solid series draw their audience in and make them part of a intricate storyline that rivals movies. So people like movies. Today’s generation of game is like a movie on steroids. It’s more intense, the characters are controllable, and it’s fully immersive.

When you’re inside a game you don’t have to be part of society. You’re part of something greater. You’re saving the world from certain destruction at the hands of crazy terrorists or something even worse.

Delayed adolescence combined with video games can lead to disastrous social retardation. It takes a bad problem and makes it worse. But in terms of helping a person fill a sense of accomplishment it may be a great end. Yes, it may not be as rewarding as one of “life’s milestones” but these are small problems that can be fixed.


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