Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Comic Book Movies

This is the trailer for the next comic book movie coming out soon. Wolverine is about one of the fan favorites of the Marvel universe, and is played by Hugh Jackman, formerly of the other X-Men movies.

Comic book movies make a ton of money. Most recently The Dark Knight raked in $533,345,358. A full list of how much comic book movies make can be found here. This is another case of the media perpetuating the adolesence in men. Why grow up when as an "adult" I can go watch a movie like Iron Man and still have fun? These are comic book heros and stories that I grew up on. If the story is still being told, then in a sense my youth hasn't ended yet.

Apart from being a great escape from reality, why do you think comic book movies appeal to young men so much? Your thoughts please.

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