Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Cure

If we're going to be talking about video games, we need to talk about Evercrack. Better known as Everquest, this game was the former face of video game addiction. Now it's cousin World of Warcraft is poster boy for video game addiction.

The thing that I liked about Final Fantasy and other video games is that that there is a definite beginning, middle, and end. Once you finish the game, you don't have to keep playing and playing and playing because there's nothing left to play.

The problem with the above mentioned two games is that there is no storyline. No storyline means no beginning, middle or end. None of those means endless playing. The creators created a universe and let the player run loose in it, meeting other gamers and creating small quests for them to do, but quests that have no real enriching experience. People get addicted to these adventures however.

I've always stayed away from Multiplayer games because of its addicting aspect and the lack of story. No story, no structure. No structure, no hope.

Well there is hope found at this link.

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