Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Viral Marketing

Ok. I'm really excited about the new Terminator movie coming out. I really hope that it's at a reasonable rating so I don't have to freak out about it too much. Growing up I LOVED Terminator 2, and though Terminator 3 was kind of a flop, I still liked the concept of a Terminator.

This is totally a throw-back to everyone guy's youth. Check out the stinking sweet trailer.

Cool right? Now here's the other neat part of it. In anticipation of this movie, a few websites have popped up to advertise it. First site was Skynet Research (if you'll remember, that's the name of the computer system that goes completly out of control and takes over everything.) But not only that, now there's the "resistance" blog to the machine uprising as well.

I thought about it, but this kind of marketing and appealing to "geeky" but stinking coolness is a possible career choice. Someone is actually out there getting paid to come up with things like this. Someone is getting paid to appeal to the inner youth that still likes robots and explosions.

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